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  • Second floor of the Student Health Building. Main entrance at the intersection of Volunteer Boulevard and Pat Head Summitt Street, across from The Rock.


Contact Us

  • Student Counseling Center
    1800 Volunteer Blvd.
    Knoxville, TN 37996-4250
    Phone: 865-974-2196
    Fax: 865-974-7039
    Email: counselingcenter@utk.edu

NOTE: Email cannot be used to initiate therapeutic conversations. The Counseling Center does not communicate confidential information by email. Email is only used for scheduling purposes. If you are in an emergency situation please call the Center or stop by.

Recent events in Chattanooga, Lafayette, Charleston, Baltimore, Ferguson, Nepal, and Washington, D.C. (just to name a few) impact each of us in many, many ways. Some of us feel the impact immediately and acutely, while for others the impact may go unnoticed or unacknowledged. If you need support or would like to talk with someone about how these events, or other events, are impacting you, please know that we are here to help.


The Counseling Center is the university’s primary facility for personal counseling, psycho-therapy, and psychological outreach and consultation services. Our mission is to promote the psychological, educational, and social well-being of the student of the University of Tennessee and to help prepare them to be productive members of society. Our staff members provide a variety of services for students,  including:

  • Walk-in sessions
  • Crisis intervention
  • Group, individual, and couples counseling
  • Feel Better Fast workshops

We also provided consultation and referral services for faculty and staff.