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Student Counseling Center Staff

The Student Counseling Center’s permanent staff consists of a Director, two Assistant Directors, and seven staff psychologists. A search to fill the open Director and Staff Psychologist positions will be in process soon. In addition to permanent staff, there are four doctoral interns, three graduate assistant and advanced practicum clinicians, and three doctoral practicum clinicians working at the Center. Three full-time administrative professional staff provide support for administrative operations of the center. The university psychiatrist and psychiatric clinical nurse specialist are adjunct staff members.













T. Paul McAnear, Ph.D.

Interim Director/Director of Clinical Services

University of Tennessee, 2004
Licensed Counseling Psychologist and Health Service Provider

Center Activities: Administration of clinical services, provision of psychological services to students, training and supervision, various community intervention activities including service on the university Case Management Team.

Theoretical style: I use a client –centered approach informed by psychodynamic, interpersonal, and solution-focused orientations. Recognizing that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is a key factor in effective therapy, I emphasize the therapeutic relationship and use of self. I often utilize Motivational Interviewing techniques to help clients identify reasons for change and move past their resistance to trying out new ways of living/relating.

Professional Interests: Administration/leadership in university counseling centers, trauma work and the impact of childhood trauma on current functioning, substance use management/harm reduction approaches to substance treatment, positive psychology, spirituality and grief, fatherhood and men’s issues, group dynamics/teamwork.

Supervision Model: “I utilize a developmental model of supervision that focuses on providing the structure and guidance appropriate to the individual needs of the supervisee. My goal is to facilitate a supervisee’s development of a therapeutic identity and style that is both genuine and clinically effective.  I see supervision as a collaborative process where a supervisee’s professional training, needs and goals are integrated with excellent client care. ”

Personal Interests: My personal interests include hiking, cycling, home improvement projects.


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Melissa A. Bartsch, Ph.D.

Assistant Director / Director of Training

University of Tennessee, 2004
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Licensed Counseling Psychologist and Health Service Provider

Center Activities: Provide individual and couples therapy; administer all SCC training programs (internship, advanced practicum, practicum, and graduate assistant programs); provide supervision of supervision (“sup of sup”); serve on university and community committees such as the university’s Safe Zone program and Undergraduate Appeals/Readmission Committee; provide consultation to faculty, staff and administration.

Theoretical Style: Orientation combines interpersonal process with feminist and emotionally-focused approaches.

Professional Interests: Addictive/compulsive behaviors, LGBT issues, relational issues, Veterans’ concerns, women’s issues, training and supervision.

Supervision Model: “I work with supervisees from a developmental perspective and adapt my approach to their needs, goals, and skill level. I believe one of the most important training experiences for any supervisee is the development of their own authentic voice and this belief guides my work as a supervisor. I encourage supervisees to attend to interpersonal process and engage them in this process through use of self and through modeling these skills in supervision. I work to create an environment in which supervisees feel safe to explore their own processes both personally and professionally.”

Personal interests: I love to travel- my favorite places to visit (so far) are Cape Cod, Hilton Head, and Hyderabad, India. I am a movie fan, especially when I can enjoy them from my sofa with my four-legged buddy, Walter. I also love the thrill of roller coasters and am always on the lookout for new ones that will lead to really good (or bad!) souvenir photos.

Gina Austin, Ph.D.

University of Tennessee, 1999

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Health Services Provider

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Jaclyn Fleck, Psy.D.

Adler School of Professional Psychology, 2015

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William K. Hahn, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Purdue University, 1987
Adjunct Professor, Department of Public Health
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Health Service Provider

APA Internship: Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Center Activities: I provide psychological services to graduate and undergraduate students, work closely with Student Health Center medical staff, and supervise trainees.

Theoretical Style: I believe the various theoretical orientations in psychology attempt to understand human nature and illuminate a pathway to relieve suffering. Consequently, I try to use an approach that most closely matches the clients’ subjective distress and belief system.

Professional Interests: I am most interested in individual psychotherapy. I have published several articles about individual and group psychotherapy, as well as brain development in infants and children, intern evaluation, and psychological and physiological risk factors for future hypertension among teenagers and young adults. I also enjoy teaching First Year Studies and Public Health 430.

Supervision Model: I believe the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the most important variable for successful outcome. As such, I help trainees be present and make an authentic connection with their clients.

Personal Interests: I enjoy running and walking my Border Collies. I enjoy traveling and have been to Alaska, Canada, the Panama Canal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, Monaco, China, and India. My trip to Africa is on hold.

Maggie Hauser, Ph.D.

Southern Illinois University, 2014

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Philip Johnson, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Oklahoma State University, 1989
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Licensed Counseling Psychologist and Health Service Provider

Center Activities: Individual and couples therapy; supervision; outreach and consultation with faculty, staff, campus ministers and various university organizations.

Theoretical Style: Orientation combines developmental, cognitive behavioral and family systems with interpersonal process psychotherapy.

Professional Interests: Training and supervision; family of origin and spiritual issues.

Supervision Model: “My supervision model is based on a developmental approach while encouraging awareness and understanding of process issues and the counselor’s use of self in therapy. I believe that understanding the emotional reaction of therapists is a very helpful tool in conceptualization, and I strive to create a supervisory relationship of respect, safety and support in which issues or reactions can be discussed.  I emphasize the transitions of professional growth that occur during the internship year.”

Personal Interests: I enjoy weekends in the Smoky Mountains, hiking, and traveling- always with a good book or two.













Ashley Ross, Ph.D.

Staff Psychologist

Tennessee State University, 2007
Licensed Counseling Psychologist and Health Services Provider

Center activities: Supervision and training; individual and couples psychotherapy; group therapy; consultation/liaison.

Theoretical Style: “
I conceptualize my clients from a broad dynamic approach, which includes object relation, interpersonal, and family system. In sessions, I use the interpersonal process to deepen the experience of therapy and promote change. I frequently engage in emotionally focused, here-and-now interactions. In addition, I am mindful of transference/countertransference issues and employ a use-of-self approach.”

Professional interestsTrauma survivors, family-of-origin issues, supervision, intimate partner violence, spirituality.

Supervision model:  “Supervision is the foundation of becoming a confident, competent clinician. I believe supervision is a playful, creative process and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy providing therapy.  In many ways, my supervision style mirrors my approach to therapy. I generally take a psychodynamic/interpersonal stance and work on creating a trusting environment. I believe that supervision is a reciprocal interaction, both exciting and informative. While taking into consideration the supervisee’s developmental level, I try to deepen his/her ability to conceptualize clients so that interventions are timely, focused, and more effective. This involves discussing several aspects of the therapeutic relationship, such as, emotional reactions regarding the client or parallel processes that may be occurring. During supervision, I may share my own professional experiences as a clinician­-both my successes and blunders­- in an attempt to normalize the supervisee’s experiences and possible fears at this developmental crossroad.”

Personal Interests: I love anything that involves my family- this can be taking a trip to the mountains, looking for geocaches (they’re everywhere!), dancing in the living room to 80’s music, or singing songs in the car. I’m also passionate about hunting and typically plan my year around whatever is in season. I enjoy having a vegetable garden, but unfortunately, have never developed a taste for things that are green!


Psychologists (part-time)

Doctoral Intern Clinicians

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Graduate Assistant and Advanced Practicum Clinicians

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Doctoral Practicum Clinicians

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Administrative Support Staff

Support Staff

Sandra Chambers, B.BA., Office Manager

Personal Interests: I am an all-around home body who loves spending time with my husband and just doing nothing. I also enjoy spoiling my grandson. When not at home I am an avid cruiser, who will take a ship anywhere, I’ve traveled to many foreign places by ship and plan on continuing. Lastly, I have two German Shepards, Zeus and Zena, and one cat, Bell, that occupy large spaces in our house.

Caitlyn Little, B.A., Administrative Assistant II

Personal Interests: Home improvement/real estate shows; helping people in any capacity I can.

Erin Thames, Administrative Assistant II 

Personal Interests: As an Administrative Assistant, I’m one of the frontline staff to check in students, process data, and make sure everything runs smoothly. In addition to that, I am currently a student here at the University of Tennessee, working toward’s a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management. In between work and school, I enjoy reading, photography, spending time with friends and family, fostering stray animals and being a volunteer puppy walker for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.