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Couples Therapy

The Student Counseling Center provides couples counseling where at least one partner is a service-eligible UT student. Couples may be of any gender, and at any stage of a relationship (from dating, to long-term committed, or married). You are welcome to self-refer, or if already in therapy, discuss a referral to couples therapy with your therapist. After the referral, the Couples Therapy Coordinator will contact you to set up a Couples Screening.

During your first couple’s appointment, both partners will need to complete initial SCC information forms and attend the initial couple’s appointment together. We keep separate confidential records for couples. In your first meeting with the Couples Coordinator, you will describe your relationship concerns, and the Couples Coordinator will determine the appropriateness of couples therapy for you based on the information you provide. Couples sessions typically meet weekly; there may be times when each partner will meet individually with the therapist, especially at the start of the therapy experience. Couples sessions are included in our session brief treatment model—to best meet your needs, we will help you find a community referral if you have long term needs.