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Coronavirus and Student Counseling Center Operations

Dealing with our fears and questions around COVID-19 (caused by the coronavirus) can be difficult. Please understand that university solutions and changes can be fluid. The university’s main resource for information is or call 865-656-SAFE (7233).

Please review our handout on Coping with COVID-19.

The Student Counseling Center will be offering services by telehealth for the fall semester. This includes groups, individuals, couples, psychiatry, workshops. We are helping the Volunteer community by promoting healthy distancing. We use a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform to deliver services.

Interested in an appointment? Call us!

New requests for counseling:

  • If you will be in the state of Tennessee for most or all of the semester, please call the office (865-974-2196) and ask for a brief assessment appointment.
  • We will schedule this consultation as soon as possible. The brief assessment helps us understand what your needs are and if our services are right for your needs.
  • If you will not be residing in the state of Tennessee for the semester, please seek a service closer to home—this is because most clinicians are only licensed to practice in the state where they live. If you need help using your insurance to contact a provider, please see our page on how to work with your insurance provider to receive services. Please call if you need assistance.

Regarding the Mental Health Clinic (MHC, psychiatry/ medication):

  • We can only provide treatment to patients who will be residing in Tennessee.
  • If you are not yet our patient, please call for a Brief Assessment appointment (as above).
  • Current patients should have a follow-up visit scheduled with their provider. If you must reschedule an appointment and have or will have run out of medications before being seen, please call the office to request a medication refill. We ask for 48-72 hours notice for any prescription refills.  Refills will be sent directly to the requested pharmacy.

Students enrolled in UHC-SR (United Health Care – Student Resources):  Healthiest You offers FREE telehealth visits for medical or mental health issues. You do not need a referral. Other students may use Healthiest You for a fee. Check out Healthiest You!

Students in Crisis:
You can call us after hours, too! Call our number and the automated response will ask you to press 1 to leave a message, or 2 to speak with a counselor. This is the same as calling 974-HELP after hours. Please do NOT call this line for information about campus operations (for that, call 965-656-SAFE), and just press 1 to leave a message (for example, to cancel an appointment or seek general information about making appointments).

UHC/Optum has opened an Emotional Support Help Line to any student in need regardless of insurance and is available 24/7: 1-866-342-6892.

Please see our page on how to work with your insurance provider to receive services.


If you need us to work with another provider regarding your continued care, please FULLY complete our

UT SCC Authorization for Release (PDF to print and return)

UT SCC Authorization for Release (Fillable)

If you need help filling it out, please call the office at 865-974-2196. You must attach a copy of a valid photo ID (like your driver’s license).  When you have completed the form and have a copy of your ID, you can fax it to 865-974-7039, or save both items to a PDF and send it to