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Information for Families

According to a recent survey conducted by the Jed Foundation, 63% of students said they would turn to their families if they were in emotional distress.

Despite the fact that many university students are financially dependent on their parents, we cannot, for ethical and legal reasons, discuss a student’s client status with parents unless the student has given us written permission to do so. This includes information about whether a student has sought services or not, has kept appointments in a timely manner, the information and issues shared and discussed in therapy sessions, and similar matters.  In cases of emergency, we take the necessary steps to keep your student safe, which can involve breaking confidentiality.

We also recognize that there are situations, which fall short of such emergencies, in which parental or familial involvement may be helpful or clinically important. If you believe that this describes your student’s situation, please speak with him or her about your reasons and ask that s/he consider giving permission (sign a “release of information” form) for an exchange of information between you and his/her therapist.  Parents (or other interested parties) may not set up appointment on a student’s behalf.