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Meet Our Staff

Student Counseling Center Staff

The Student Counseling Center’s permanent staff consists of a Director, an Associate Director, an Assistant Director, staff psychologists, licensed social workers and counselors, an LMFT, psychiatric nurse practitioners. In addition to permanent staff, we have trainees including doctoral interns in our APA-approved internship program, graduate assistants, doctoral practicum students, and social work interns. Our administrative professional staff provides support for administrative operations of the center. View our organizational chart.

E. Nicole Saylor, Psy.D. — Director
  • Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
  • Licensed Psychologist and Health Services Provider

Center activities:  Currently I am enjoying learning all the complexities of clinical services, outreach, groups, clinical training and campus service that the staff at the student counseling center engages in. I am exploring and observing all the various roles of the staff while continuing to direct and build the vision and mission of the great work that has been started here.

Theoretical Style: I approach therapy and leadership similarly, from a relational perspective. I practice from a relational psychotherapy framework that includes several therapeutic theories and practices, including, self-psychology, relational psychoanalysis, and feminist theories of psychotherapy. The largest factor in change is the relational connection between therapist and client. Therapy can help us to better understand how we operate in relation to others and how our relating patters can have an impact on mental and emotional well-being

Professional Interests:  Like all the therapists at the SCC, I am a generalist and work with a wide range of presenting problems. However, I have specific expertise in areas related to relationship problems, religious trauma, family-of-origin patterns, grief, racial identity development, adoption and adhd (particularly in women).

Supervision Model:  Supervision is much like therapy but through a third person.  By creating a relational space where supervisees can be emotionally safe and professionally supported, a therapist in training is able to share their successes and their areas for growth.  Effective supervision balances both the development of self-awareness for the trainee and meeting professional competency needs for the client.

Personal interests:  In my time away from the center, I absolutely love all forms of travel, particularly with my partner and our children. I am always planning our next big adventure.  I also love a good night out exploring Knoxville, this scruffy little city has so much to offer in arts, culture, and the unexpected. Watercolor painting and exploring our local waterways also are passions of mine.

Sherrie Bruner, Ph.D. — Associate Director/Clinical Director


Bio coming soon!

Jess Westcott, Ph.D. — Assistant Director/Director of Training
  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Center activities: I stepped into this role on June 1st, so much of my time has been spent observing, learning, and taking in all the facets of clinical training at the Student Counseling Center. I am enjoying integrating myself into the campus community and finding all that UT has to offer!

Theoretical Style: My approach to therapy utilizes a relational-cultural framework that centers authenticity and mutuality. I believe that change and growth happen in and through relationships, and that the relationship between a client and counselor is often the starting point for developing relational resilience with self and others.

Professional Interests:  My professional interests include supervision and training, group therapy, and working with students who have historically marginalized identities. I enjoy working with all clients, regardless of presenting concerns, and love the enthusiasm and motivation students bring to counseling. My areas of clinical expertise include ADHD and LGBTQ+ identity exploration.

Supervision Model: My approach to supervision is similar to counseling in that I utilize a relational-cultural framework that centers the relationship between the supervisee and supervisor. I aim to provide support and encourage growth by promoting development of not only clinical skills and practices, but also relational development. I rely heavily on supervisee strengths, and love integrating humor, media, and creativity into supervision. 

Personal interests: I am most at peace when I am spending time with my amazing wife and our cats Bucky, Pepper, Evan, and Lily. I love playing board and tabletop games, watching anime, and following college sports. For the foreseeable future, outside of work I am most likely to be found searching for Koroks and paragliding to explore new places. 


James Arnett III, PhD Staff Psychologist

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Licensed Psychologist and Health Services Provider 

Theoretical Orientation: My approach to therapy relies on client-centered approaches, with an emphasis on building a trusting relationship between myself and the client. Every client brings a unique take on their problem, along with their backgrounds, upbringings, and important parts of their identity. I endeavor to understand my clients along these personal lines and help create solutions and insights into the issue that brought them to desire therapy. Regarding therapy traditions, I am inspired by humanistic, interpersonal, and feminist/multicultural approaches to providing therapy. 

Supervision Model: I supervise based on a developmental approach, helping novice therapists gain their footing in the therapy room, and more advanced trainees find their own voice and therapy style. Trust is a key component, which I strive to foster with all trainees. 

Professional Interests: I enjoy working with students on a variety of concerns, taking a generalist approach to providing therapy. I particularly enjoy working with students navigate family or career issues, first gen college students (as one myself), and LGBTQ+ students. I also have a background working abroad, and have some understanding of the issues that come with international moves and adjustments. 

Personal Interests: I indulge in my alone time by playing board or video games, eating a good meal with my family, or planning my next trip abroad. 


Macy Copple, PsyD Staff Psychologist

  • University of Indianapolis
  • Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Center Activities: Individual and Group Therapy, Supervision and Training, Community Intervention, Social Media Coordination, Active Minds Advising

Theoretical Style: I primarily identify with client-centered therapy, secondarily incorporating concepts and interventions from interpersonal theories and third wave cognitive behavioral theories as appropriate. I am also particularly interested in using expressive arts as a path for exploring, understanding, and expressing yourself, your emotions, and your story.

Professional Interests: Working with college students is a passion of mine. I love supporting students as they explore their emerging identities, learn about their families of origin, understand their cultural influences, and grow into themselves. More specifically, I have always been drawn toward topics that disproportionately impact women, such as body image, patterns of disordered eating, and sexual trauma. The LGBTQ+ community also has a particular place in my heart. Finally, clinical training not only fuels my passion for mentoring others’ learning and growing, but also facilitates my own continuing education and growth.

Personal Interests: Despite being a pretty quiet person, I love performing—singing, playing bass, acting, etc. I don’t claim to be the best at any of those things, but I feel most alive when I’m performing. I feel most at peace when I’m with my loved ones and when I am in nature. Also, I have been a middle-aged woman since I was born, so I am really into Boomer music, vintage shopping, knitting, and baking.


Olivia DeAngelo, Ph.D. — Staff Psychologist

  • Tennessee State University

Center Activities: Since starting at UTK mid-August, I have spent my time thus far getting to know campus, what UTK has to offer, and how the Student Counseling Center does the amazing job it does.

Theoretical Style: I take an integrated approach to therapy, adapting to the needs of each client and their presenting concerns. Each client comes in with something different, and my goal is to not only be receptive, empathic, and understanding of their concern and how their background impacts this, but also help the client recognize that they have the ability to make change. I primary integrate humanistic, CBT, and interpersonal process therapy, while pulling from multicultural approaches to best fit the needs to each client.

Professional Interests: I enjoy working with students who come in with concerns associated around self-confidence and self-esteem, romantic relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and burnout.

Personal Interests: I like to call myself an extraverted introvert. I enjoy doing fun, outgoing activities with friends and family (going to concerts and sporting events, hiking, trying out new restaurants) – but after some time, I need to recharge my social battery. When relaxing, you can find me cozied up at home with my cat Blair, watching Friends, The Office, or Survivor on continual re-run, listening to Taylor Swift, and baking.


William K. Hahn, Ph.D. — Staff Psychologist

  • Purdue University
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Public Health
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Health Service Provider
  • APA Internship: Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry

Center Activities: I provide psychological services to graduate and undergraduate students, work closely with Student Health Center medical staff, and supervise trainees.

Theoretical Style: I believe the various theoretical orientations in psychology attempt to understand human nature and illuminate a pathway to relieve suffering. Consequently, I try to use an approach that most closely matches the clients’ subjective distress and belief system.

Professional Interests: I am most interested in individual psychotherapy. I have published several articles about individual and group psychotherapy, as well as brain development in infants and children, intern evaluation, and psychological and physiological risk factors for future hypertension among teenagers and young adults. I also enjoy teaching First-Year Studies and Public Health 430.

Supervision Model: I believe the quality of the therapeutic relationship is the most important variable for successful outcomes. As such, I help trainees be present and make an authentic connection with their clients.

Personal Interests: I enjoy training and walking my Border Collies. I enjoy traveling and have been to Alaska, Canada, the Panama Canal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, Monaco, China, India, Iceland, and The Netherlands.



Alyssa Hedrick, LCSW Brief Intervention Specialist

  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Center Activities: Individual therapy; crisis and brief intervention; outreach and consultation to community and campus partners.

Theoretical Style: As a therapist I always come from a client-centered and strength-based perspective. My goal is to help my clients tap into and build on their own individual strengths, and work with my clients to find a solution and will work for them using a collaborative approach. I draw from aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Feminist Theory to inform my work with clients.

Professional Interests: Trauma, suicidality and self-harm, anxiety and panic, and women’s issues.

Personal Interest: Like any good introvert, when I’m not at work I can be found at home recharging. I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes, spend time with my dog, crocheting and dabbling in needlepoint, and playing cozy video games like Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing.


 Lindley Hunt, LMSW Clinical Care Coordinator

  • Master of Social Work, Aurora University
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

Pronouns: they/them

Center Activities: Case management, off campus referral assistance, individual counseling, and outreach.

Theoretical Style: Therapy is a collaborative process; depending on the needs of the client, I am most experienced in utilizing techniques from modalities like ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) or DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), as well as trauma-responsive talk therapy, art therapy, psychoeducation, self-compassion training, and motivational interviewing. Safety, transparency, and connection are cornerstones of my practice as a social worker. Therapy, to me, is a place for mutual aid and finding healing in understanding.

Professional Interests: I am forever fascinated by the inner workings of our brains as humans and how experiencing trauma adversely impacts the function of our brains. My background as a trauma therapist has primarily been working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence, as well as those who use drugs and struggle with substance dependence. I am most interested in working with survivors of violence, LGBTQ+ folks, and neurodivergent clients, but all clients are more than welcome in the space we create together!

Personal Interests: If not in the office, you can usually find me watching TV and movies with my family, snuggling with my pets, watercolor painting, playing the best cozy video game ever made: Stardew Valley, tending to my plants, reading a book, searching for the best pizza, or admiring the beautiful outdoor environments we have here in Eastern Tennessee


Mehak Kapoor, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist


  • Tennessee State University

Center Activities:  Since starting at UTK end-August, I have spent my time thus far getting to know campus, what UTK has to offer, understand the working of the student counseling center, participate in outreaches  and liaison with other campus partners on mental health concerns.

Theoretical Style: I have a special interest in working with women’s issues however, have experience working with clients with a variety of mental health concerns. I work from a trauma informed feminist CBT approach in therapy and integrate a variety of treatment modalities including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing. I am passionate about creating a brave/safe space for the clients where they can explore their intersecting identities. Another interest for her is in the area of training and professional development.

Professional Interests:  I enjoy working with students who come in with concerns associated around self-confidence and self-esteem, romantic relationship issues, depression, anxiety, international student population and the impacts of social injustice within marginalized communities.

Personal Interests:  In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my family and friends, watching TV series, and trying different cuisines.


Kara Moore, LCSW Staff Clinician


  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Center Activities:  Individual Therapy

Theoretical Style:  My current theoretical style is grounded in the person- centered perspective with a use of various interventions from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, and Schema Therapy.  To translate,  I love working with client’s on identification of core beliefs that may be contributing to one’s inability to make better choices.  I firmly believe that people could do differently or make positive changes if they had the tools and knowledge.  Therefore, my sessions tend to be a combination of self-exploration as well as education and guidance on how to meet treatment goals.

Professional Interests:  Substance Use, Trauma Treatment, Mindfulness

Personal Interests:  Most of my time outside the office is spent loving on and caring for my two small children.  When I do have free time I enjoy doing anything active and having meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones.  I am also making an effort to do what I tell clients to do which is to increase my own self-care, put down my phone, and work on breath work and mindfulness.  I will admit that following my own advice is very challenging. 😊


Bhoomika Nikam, MS Staff Clinician

  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling (pre-licensed)

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Center Activities: Individual therapy, support group facilitation, outreach and consultation to community and campus partners.

Theoretical Style: My therapeutic approach is based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), with a strong emphasis on building a strong relationship between myself and my client. I believe that change and growth start when humans learn to honor and accept their genuine reactions to situations that are out of their control, rather than trying to “fix” or change them. I encourage individuals to identify and live a life that aligns with their core values. I am passionate about helping students achieve their goals while supporting, validating, and challenging them in a compassionate and collaborative manner.

Professional Interests: Identity development, anxiety, depression, life transitions, women’s issues, racial identity, relationship concerns

Personal Interest: When I’m not at work, I am re-watching the same 3 tv shows, snuggling with my cats, cooking, baking, or doing some sort of craft! If I’m not in the kitchen trying a new recipe, I am exploring the Knoxville culinary scene. Feel free to ask me about my favorite spots!


Phil Randall, Ph.D. Staff Psychologist

  • East Tennessee State University
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Health Services Provider
  • Certified Group Psychotherapist

Center Activities: I provide individual, couples, and group therapy to students; supervision for our Center’s wonderful trainees; and consultation with campus partners.

Theoretical Style: I utilize an integrative approach in therapy. My core framework is cognitive behavior therapy through a client-centered lens, however, I also utilize interpersonal, psychodynamic, solution-focused, or acceptance and commitment interventions as appropriate.

Professional Interests: Group therapy is my passion. I also enjoy working with family concerns, interpersonal relationships, and men’s issues.

Supervision Model: I take a developmental approach to supervision, meaning I try to work with trainees where they are in their development.

Personal Interests: I cherish spending my free time with family, friends, and pets. When I have time for hobbies I’m typically snapping pictures, cooking, enjoying a leisurely hike, knee-deep in a home or car project, and delving into the occasional video game.

Mental Health Clinic Staff


Donna Voica, DNP, APRN Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

  • Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • University of Missouri, DNP
  • University of Tennessee, MSN, and PMC
  • Purdue University, BSN and AASN

Center Activities: My primary focus is on psychiatric medication management to help improve and/or resolve symptoms. Additionally, I serve as a liaison between you and other potential resources needed to facilitate optimum care and health outcomes.

Theoretical Style: The foundation of client-centered care is patient-provider communication. I find the use of reflective listening with an emphasis on the principles of caring and holism beneficial to understanding problems and achieving common goals.

Professional InterestsMy educational training and practices have also included primary care. This allows for a greater opportunity to work with you on health education and promotion, and disease prevention given the interconnectedness of mental illness, substance abuse, and general medical conditions.


Doctoral Intern Clinicians


MacKenzie Enderwitz, M.A., LMFT Doctoral Intern

  • University of Houston-Clear Lake

Professional Interests: I have experience (and love) working with college students in several different clinical settings. I have a particular passion for working with students presenting with: LGBTQIA+ identities, suicidality, romantic relationship concerns, neurodiversity, relational and sexual trauma, women’s issues, and identity development.

Theoretical Orientation: Perhaps a bit cliché, but I believe that therapy should be a collaborative experience. You know you better than I ever will, so it makes the most sense to work as a team. I am a big believer in creating an environment that feels safe and promotes authenticity. My theoretical style comes predominantly from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework with an emphasis on multicultural and systems perspectives (i.e., how the people and system structures around you influence your mental health, identity development, and ability to navigate the world).

Personal Interests: Most weekends you will find me either cuddling on the couch with my dog, (pc) gaming with my friends, binge-watching an anime, or starting some kind of craft project. I also love attending concerts (alternative/rock/metal music, please!) and trying out new recipes.


Kate Light, M.Ed. Doctoral Intern

  • University of Missouri

Professional Interests: My passion is for working with adolescents and young adults, as well as college students of all ages! I enjoy working on empowerment, increasing self-agency, and navigating obstacles from a strengths-based approach. Additionally, I like to engage in identity work and exploring client’s core values to support them in expressing themselves in an authentic way.

Theoretical Orientation: I work with clients using an approach rooted in Feminist Theory. I believe meaningful change occurs when clients are able to recognize themselves within the systems they operate and how they are impacted by those systems. My hope is that clients are able to see themselves as an active and meaningful agent in their own lives, as well as within their communities. I also practice skills building using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help reduce experiences with psychological distress.

Personal Interests: I love being outside (especially in the mountains), watching movies, working on crossword puzzles, and listening to podcasts while cuddling with my fluffy little dog.


Olympia Papageorgiou, M.S. Doctoral Intern

  • Mercer University

Professional Interests: I am currently interested in expanding my knowledge within clinical practice and the field of Psychology. I am gaining experiences and training in couples therapy and individual therapy and looking forward to possibly working with you this internship year!

Theoretical OrientationI approach my clients with compassion. I meet them where they are in life. My approach is eclectic as I use different methods to individualize client’s needs in treatment. I primarily work from a Humanistic and Interpersonal approach.

Personal InterestsComing from a Greek-Cypriot background, Greek dancing, eating well and spending time with family is a must (in addition to visiting home any chance I get). I enjoy singing, performing and recording when I can! Traveling and spending time with friends also brings me peace.


Tori Silvati, M.A. Doctoral Intern

  • University of Indianapolis

Professional Interests: In general, I have enjoyed working with adolescents and emerging adults as they transition to college by helping them understand their values, beliefs, and intersecting identities. Although I enjoy working with college students who present with a variety of concerns, I have a great passion for working with individuals who have experienced trauma. I continually admire their resilience, perseverance, and vulnerability, and am honored to be a part of the healing process.

Theoretical OrientationFirst and foremost, I draw on aspects of client-centered therapy and strengths-based approaches to foster self-esteem and empowerment within each client. I also rely heavily on interpersonal process therapy and psychodynamic theory to encourage clients to reflect on their relationships with others to understand their current functioning.

Personal InterestsPersonally, I have realized the intertwined nature of mental and physical health. So, when I am not at work, I focus on different ways to move and fuel my body. I’m a huge foodie so I love trying different restaurants and recipes! Recently, I’ve been attempting to become a plant person, (although I most definitely do not have a green thumb), but I’m working on it! I also tend to spend much time outdoors or reading on my balcony!


Katarzyna “Cordia” Wilczewska, M.S. Doctoral Intern

  • Chatham University

Professional Interests: I am a native of Szczecin and a member of the international community of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. After graduating with a master’s degree in Polish Philology (M.A.) from the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland, I worked as a high school teacher and administrator for several years. My clinical interests focuses on depression, anxiety, stress management, multicultural issues, and the intersection of religion and psychology.

Theoretical OrientationI approach therapy from a collaborative, integrative and multicultural perspective. My theoretical style is rooted in Rational Emotive-Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and incorporates humanistic/existential and mindfulness elements.

Personal Interests: My favorite place is the outdoors – especially if it involves hiking or kayaking. To quench my creative side, I also love to cook (and eat), watch Polish soap operas, listen to music and travel to new places.


Graduate Assistants/Advanced Practicum


Vardaan Dua, M.S. Graduate Assistant Therapist

  • University of Maryland, College Park

Professional InterestsThrough my personal experiences and professional roles, I work towards empowering and supporting individuals who hold minority identities and are underrepresented by current systems in place. As a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology, I currently research individual, interpersonal, and institutional systems of power and how these systems impact the mental health and well-being of minority individuals. Most of my work has been centered around the experiences of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and/or International Students. 

Theoretical Orientation: My approach to therapy is primarily dictated by what best fits with my client and their presenting concerns. As a client-centered therapist, I prioritize allowing my clients to recognize and utilize their strengths to facilitate their healing journey. I collaborate with my clients to develop a warm, empathetic, non-judgmental, and authentic therapeutic relationship. With each client, I recognize that our experiences, well-being, and approach to healthcare is largely informed by our social identities. That being said, I heavily draw from multicultural, feminist, and radical therapy perspectives to help my clients externalize impacts of systemic oppression and internalize liberation and hope. In the therapy room, I specifically enjoy working with clients experiencing social identity-related concerns, relationship events, family-of-origin dynamics, cultural adjustment, identity development, trauma, depression, anxiety, and grief. 

Personal Interests In my time outside of the SCC, I am most likely spending time with my kittens, Gossip and Mischief, trying new TikTok recipes, planning trips to Target/Trader Joe’s, playing board games, listening to music, collecting records, watching reality TV, or exploring local coffee spots.



Deja Fitzgerald, M.Ed. Graduate Assistant Therapist

  • University of North Carolina Greensboro

Professional Interests: My professional interests center on couples and relationship therapy, artists and musical performers, and supporting folks who may have historically marginalized identities with a particular focus on BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Theoretical Orientation: My approach to therapy is considered integrative, as my therapeutic framework incorporates aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, person-centered therapy, and liberation psychology. Central to my therapeutic approach is authenticity and radical honesty with oneself and each other. By focusing on self-exploration and self-reflection, mindfulness, intentionality, and connection; I truly believe that my client will be able to grow towards self-actualization and resilience.

Personal Interests: Outside of therapy and classes, you can find me playing video games, hanging out with my wife and our little zoo, or playing music on a random stage or recording studio.



Hannah Shinew, M.S. Advance Practicum Therapist


Professional Interests: As a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology here at UTK I am a student, instructor, and practicum counselor! My research interests are primarily in small group dynamics, more specifically how can we increase communication and understanding between diverse groups of people. My hope is that fostering these types of dialogues will make our communities more welcoming places for all people. As a therapist I draw from this area of research by focusing on the importance of good communication and understanding my clients as they see themselves.


Theoretical Orientation: My approach to therapy is a mix of many different styles that I pull from to best fit the particular client I am working with. Most of the time I draw from feminist therapy and other client-centered models. However, I also rely on existential therapy to inform my view of the world. It is my belief that my role in therapy is to help foster a positive and healthy relationship between the client and myself through which we are able to explore the clients lived experiences and grow the clients sense of self both internally and externally as they engage with others.


Personal Interests:  When I am not at the SCC I enjoy spending time trail running, rock climbing and hiking. I also love to bake and cook and spend as much time as possible over the weekends trying out new recipes. I am also an avid coffee consumer so Knoxville’s many coffee shops are my happy place


Practicum Trainees


Chris Boyd, M.S.

  • University of North Texas

Professional Interests: I am passionate about working with emerging adults as they navigate the exciting but challenging transition into adulthood. My focus lies in fostering identity development and helping individuals embrace their unique selves. Additionally, I am committed to addressing multicultural issues and promoting cultural sensitivity in our diverse world.

Theoretical Orientation: My counseling approach is rooted in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which emphasizes accepting one’s thoughts and feelings while committing to actions aligned with personal values. I also have a strong multicultural orientation, recognizing the importance of cultural diversity and inclusivity in counseling. In addition, I draw from the principles of Positive Psychology to help individuals cultivate resilience and a sense of fulfillment in their lives!

Personal Interests: First and foremost, I’m a huge sports fan! The vast majority of my time is spent either watching sports or talking sports. When I need to unwind, I love kicking back and playing one of my favorite video games or watching a comfort movie. On the weekends, I like to spend my free time exploring the great outdoors with my cute pup.


Ally Esielionis, M.Sc.

  • Salve Regina University

Professional Interests: I enjoy working with college students and emerging adults as they transition to, through, and away from college by helping them to explore their values, strengthen their identities, and increase their sense of agency. As a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology, my research interests are heavily centered around psychological intervention and well-being in performance populations. Most of my work is more specifically focused on collegiate student-athlete populations.

Theoretical Orientation: I strive to approach therapy with a client-centered, strength-based perspective. I believe collaboration, communication, and compassion are key to understanding my clients and their experiences. Fostering a relationship that holds these values high will allow my clients and I to work together to set goals and find solutions to help with their concerns. While I approach therapy with an integrative perspective based on the needs of my clients, my core theoretical approach is mostly built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Personal Interests: In my free time, I love being outside, going to sporting events, and spending time with family and friends. I’ve really enjoyed spending time in the mountains since moving to Tennessee, and appreciate finding new scenic trails and hikes. I also love trying new arts and crafts projects or DIYs!



Grace Haring, M.S.

  • University of Kentucky

Professional Interests: I am passionate about supporting survivors of sexual assault through research, clinical, and advocacy work. I’m looking forward to working with college students and emerging adults with all types of presenting concerns, and particularly hope to grow in my knowledge of how to empower others in healing from trauma. I also have experiences with crisis line and career counseling work; my professional interests are constatnly evolving as I myself learn and grow.

Theoretical Orientation: I instinctively lean towards more client-centered approaches when doing therapy, and try to integrate aspects of Feminist Multicultural and Interpersonal Process theories. As a clinician, I try my best to show up fully and authentically to meet the needs of my clients. I feel strongly about fostering empowerment and self-awareness to help clients understand themselves better and grow in wellness.

Personal Interests: Outside of my life as a researcher and clinician I enjoy thrifting, hiking, reading, and cooking (when I have the time). I’m a big fan of exploring what the Knoxville area has to offer and am always looking to find good food and drinks. I also love to catch live music when I can (particularly punk and rock shows) and am constantly on the hunt for new music.



Sarah Stambaugh, B.A.


Bio coming soon!12












Winni Yang, B.S.


Bio coming soon!












Social Work Interns


Wendy Whaley, BSSW

  • University of Tennessee

Professional Interests: While I am interested in working with clients on a variety of presenting concerns, I have a particular interest in topics such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. I am most interested in working in clinical settings with a focus on individual and group therapy. As I continue to learn and grow as a clinician in training, I hope to engage with a wide range of diverse clients from various backgrounds. Because each person has a unique voice and perspective that they bring to therapy, I have the opportunity to learn and grow as much as they do, which is one reason I am so passionate about collaborating with clients to help them meet their goals.

Theoretical Style: Although I am still adopting therapeutic modalities that I identify with the most, I primarily draw from a person-centered approach while using concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Pragmatic Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Also, in my view, the client-therapist relationship is a collaborative process and central to the therapeutic process. In addition, I place great emphasis on holding unconditional positive regard to all my clients and ensuring the therapeutic relationship is built on trust.

Personal Interests: I am an avid animal lover. I love all types of animals including my eight-year-old puppy, named puppy. Yes, you read that right. Her name is Puppy. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dad, brother, identical twin sister, fiancé, and friends. I love watching and listening to anything true crime or horror genre related, which includes shows such as Ghost Adventures or podcasts like Mr. Ballen.


Administrative Support Staff

  • Cristen Williams – Office Manager
  • Lauren Bryant – Administrative Assistant; Reception
  • Carly Craddock – Administrative Assistant; Reception
  • Anna Belle Robertson – Administrative Assistant, Reception

Bios coming soon!