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Mental Health Clinic

The Mental Health Clinic (MHC) assists in meeting the mental health needs of our college community by providing psychiatric assessment and medication treatment.

Psychiatric Assessment and Medication Treatment

Students who are currently under the care of a local mental health provider are encouraged to continue with that relationship. Students who believe they will need longer-term psychiatry treatment should establish a treatment relationship with a provider in Knoxville by contacting their insurance company for a list of preferred providers.

However, students with mental health concerns that are new or not previously addressed, or students that need temporary additional mental health care while at the university may utilize our services.  Students seeking a psychiatry consultation should come through the SCC Brief Assessment process.

Regarding Medication for ADHD

The Mental Health Clinic of the Student Counseling Center does not provide an assessment or diagnosis of ADHD. Students who can provide documentation of a previous adequate evaluation and diagnosis may be treated short-term until a private psychiatric follow-up can be arranged off-campus. This evaluation includes psychological testing, not simply a letter or records from a previous prescriber.  It is important to note that students do not need to be seen in the Mental Health Clinic first in order to receive a referral to off-campus mental health resources.

Students who need testing for ADHD can contact the KLASS Center or the UT Psychological Clinic for further information about testing options on campus, or students can contact their insurance carrier for a local referral.

When in doubt whether psychiatric assessment or treatment would be appropriate, students should call out office and request an Brief Assessment appointment: 865-974-2196.