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Referrals and Using Insurance

Students may choose to be seen by an off-campus provider for many reasons: they may have longer term or more specialized needs than we can treat at SCC, they may need to be seen evenings or weekends, our wait for individual services may seem too long, or they just prefer to have treatment off campus.

If a student would like to be seen off campus but feels they have complex treatment and insurance questions, please ask for a Brief Assessment or to make an appointment with a case manager. SCC does not participate in insurance panels.

However, most students can make their own appointments using their insurance carrier. For most major carriers, a referral to outpatient therapy is not needed.  If you find this is different for your carrier, ask the customer service rep how to get a referral.  To speak with a customer service rep from your insurance provider, look at your wallet card from the company – there is a toll free number on the card to quickly access services.  The customer services rep can tell you who is in network in your area, and in some cases can tell you who is taking new appointments and when the next appointment is.  In other cases you will contact the provider directly. If you do not have your card, you can access the company’s website.  These are the most common carriers in our area:

Be aware that when you use your insurance, there will be a co-pay for each office visit.  If you do not have insurance or do not want to use your insurance but want to be seen off campus, you can contact the Student Counseling Center for referrals who may have a discounted hourly fee for UT students or other lower cost arrangements.

Students without insurance may qualify for the Tennessee Behavioral Health Safety Net, a program that can provide therapy and psychiatry care.  Check out their website for more information.