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TAO – Self Help

TAO, or Therapy Assistance Online, is available to the Vol community as a self-enrolled self-help program.  Surveys consistently show that university students struggle with anxiety and other moods that negatively impact them. You may notice this as a change in attention, your academic motivation, your relationships, your sleep, and more.  We also know that most people who have these experiences will not come to the Student Counseling Center…. so TAO brings useful information to you, any time you need it.  You can learn effective intervention strategies for anxiety, stress, depression, and more by completing the modules in the TAO program. If you are in counseling with us, your clinician may use TAO as a part of your treatment.

TAO is not a substitute for in-person counseling, and is not designed for emergency interventions. 

In Crisis:  During business hours – call the Student Counseling Center at 865-974-2196.  After hours/weekends/holidays:  call 865-974-HELP

What is TAO?

TAO is a platform of tools and educational modules to help you learn about and change how you think and feel. These modules are designed to help you have a better understanding of your personal experiences and equip you with strategies to aid you in feeling less anxious today and as you go forward in your life. The TAO model has been validated with over 100 studies in 20 countries and has been shown to be highly effective.

TAO is designed for your schedule. TAO’s educational modules can be completed anytime and anywhere you have internet access. You don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to travel to meet with your therapist, and getting help is your private business. With daily practice and exercise, you will experience optimum results from your treatment; it’s work, but it’s worth it!

Check out this video for more information:

Want to try TAO before signing up?  Here is a session on communication styles:

Ready to access TAO?  Great!  Click on the icon below and click Sign Up in TAO Self-Help.  You will be asked to enter your name and email address, and you must enter your UTK email address to access the system.  Then create a password.  This is the ID/Password combo you will use when you log in the next time.  If you forget your password, the link for log in help is at the bottom of the TAO log in page.

The Student Counseling Center does not have access to your TAO information and we do not store your personal information or TAO data.  Usage data is provided to us in aggregate form, but we have no access to information from specific users. 


You can also access TAO on your mobile device