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Additional Activities

Intern Support Group/Peer Consultation

Interns schedule one hour per week to form their own self-led support group to process their internship experiences throughout the year. This time is scheduled around a lunch in order to have up to two hours to meet each week.

Professional Development

Division of Student Life Meetings

The Division of Student Life schedules a professional staff development breakfast a few times per year. These gatherings provide an opportunity for interns to hear pertinent issues discussed, as well as to develop cross-departmental professional relationships.

Professional Conferences

Release time is available for interns to attend workshops and conferences. Some funding may also may be available.

Staff Meetings

General Staff Meeting

All senior staff and interns attend this weekly meeting designed to better communicate items of interest or concern related to the Student Counseling Center.

Meeting with Training Director

The Training Director meets individually with the interns on a regular basis to assess how the internship training is meeting the interns’ needs and to solicit feedback about the training program. The Training Director keeps an open door policy and interns are encouraged to meet informally and/or request additional meetings to focus on training concerns.

Case Management/Supervision Preparation

Time is provided for other activities such as case management, which includes time to complete paperwork, case notes, review therapy sessions, and complete readings.

Individualized Training Experience (ITE)

During the year, interns have the option of individualizing their training experience in the form of an Individualized Training Track(ITT). This option provides interns with greater flexibility in tailoring their internship experience to meet their unique interests and needs.

  • Tracks are optional. If no track is chosen, the intern will pursue generalist training
  • Secondary Supervisors often serve as track leaders. Tracks will be supervised mainly during the hour of secondary supervision, depending on the nature of the selected ITT
  • Time allotment: 5 -6 hrs/wk. Some activities may be folded into current requirements without dramatically increasing number of hours worked – e.g. seeing specific client issues in case load; working on track during no-show apt times, etc.)
  • The details of the ITT are negotiated with the intern and members of the training staff.

The following ITTs are currently offered for 2024-2025:

  • Training & Supervision Track: Practicum Focus
  • Group Therapy Track
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Treatment Track